What's my Digital Brand Personality?

This week’s blog is about content. As different digital screens increase in number (think connected refrigerators and smart watches) your brand’s message can get a little messy.

One of the challenges most companies face when producing content for a variety of different channels – from web to social to print – is maintaining a consistent voice. This is particularly true as the person updating your YouTube channel might be different from the person creating your mobile app, etc.

Even if you’re not a ‘marketing person,’ you can undertake small steps to ensure you’re providing an experience to your audience that makes sense for your brand.

First you need to answer: What’s your Personality? Take a step away from the office with some coworkers and establish three personality tones of your brand.   This is important because it can help ensure your brand’s personality is consistent across your website, your app, and your social media page (and connected fridge…).

A great method to develop your personality tone and voice is to split it up into a chart. Decide on your brand’s three personality traits and clarify further by deciphering what that tone is like, and not like. Here’s an example using today’s Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Personality ToneLike ThisNot Like This
RoughDrink up me hearties – Jack SparrowLet’s jump on board, and cut them to pieces – Blackbeard*
SlangYarrr matey! Aye! Aye!OMG, this is totes cool
SillyLet’s go digging for treasure! My imaginary parrot friend knows the way!Let’s run around and trip over each other to find a treasure. Oops! The treasure is actually a bag of sand!*
Now that you’ve established your tone, you have basic support to create your brand’s voice across your media channels.  What does that mean? The voice you use to describe your show and capture SEO opportunities on YouTube could be different from the voice used for your website’s FAQ – but they should both live and breathe your brand’s unique personality. This short task will save you loads of time as you create more content for more screens.