Grow your kid-targeted IP with Vine

So, I’ve been out of commission lately as I had a baby in January. Veronica is a great kid and like every new parent, I naturally gravitate to Facebook to share her latest adventures.  One of the easiest ways for me to do this has been through Twitter’s Vine app.

Vine is a mobile app that records and publishes six seconds of video. This length of video is perfect because I can tell you firsthand, most people have no desire to watch long videos of your offspring, even if they are the cutest thing.

Using the app is super easy – touching the screen starts the record function and releasing your finger acts as a cut-edit.  Once the recording is completed, the video is then looped so your viewers can watch the action over, and over, again.

Hmm… watch over and over again, I say? Why, isn’t that a typical request of the average preschooler? “Again! Again!” Methinks there might be an opportunity here for this industry to really take this app and make huge waves.

Given the firmly established passback phenom, where parents are handing over their mobiles to kids to play games and watch videos, there’s an opportunity to use Vine as a means to promote some fun features about your IP within the social media space.  It also gives a reason for more parents and kids to follow your brand on Twitter or Facebook if you’re regularly posting these quick and entertaining videos.

For inspiration, social media success story Oreo has some great examples on Vine. And feel free to also follow me – though fair warning, most of the videos will be about the baby or my dog.  For example: