Tips on Viral Video Content

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How do I make a viral video?

With two days worth of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s really challenging to create something that will become viral. There’s actually no guarantee that what you create will break through and become massive or viral, but executives from YouTube have suggested there are some of the tips and tricks that can improve your chances.

Parody an Already Viral Video
Sesame Workshop does this so well. If a video has broken through and become viral, you can guarantee that Sesame has created a parodied video response. Creating your own version of an already viral video can help coattail on its success and get you some great view numbers, while also providing you a simple opportunity to promote your brand.

Grover Smell like a Monster

If you go this route, be sure to include SEO (search engine optimization) keywords that relate to the original viral video. That way, searchers can come across your work more easily.**

Be Surprising
This one is pretty obvious. The execs at YouTube have used this video about a guy protesting bike laws in New York city as an example of how to produce something that’s unexpected. While its topic is seemingly uninspired, check out this video to get a sense of why it has over 5 million views:

Those are just a couple of ideas. Most importantly, if you make a piece of content that people are looking for, you’re already on the right path to promote your brand on YouTube.  Share your ideas for creating viral content in the comments below!