Hey, Digital Geek!

I’m a new blogger on Kidscreen.com, the children’s entertainment business-to-business magazine. Check out my first post, Meet the Digital Geek and check back every two weeks for more posts. If there’s anything you’d like to answer or address in these blogs, be sure to contact me.

Here’s the blog post:

Meet the Digital Geek:

The emerging media space is intimidating. Say you’ve decided to create a mobile version of your website. Sounds simple, right? You’re all set to go when suddenly the increasingly frustrated project manager bombards you with questions such as:

– are you looking for a website or an app?

– are your assets optimized for mobile?

– do you want a separate mobile site with a unique URL?

– what platforms are your users currently using?

– what content do you want on this mobile version?

Mind spinning yet? All you wanted was a mobile version of your website, and suddenly you’re expected to know the ins and outs of digital development.  No fair!

Well, I should be able to help. I work in the kids digital space as a producer and strategist  – and if you’ve been in the business for a while you may remember my name from a decade ago when I wrote for Kidscreen.

This blog will guide you through the maze of emerging platforms and help you make the right choices in online, mobile, social… and whatever else comes along… to effectively reach your youth and gatekeeper audiences. We’ll look at tactics for choosing the best social platforms, questions you need to know before you start your digital projects, trends such as social TV, and ways to create a ROI. That’s right: a return on investment for online, mobile and social – novel idea, eh?

I’d love to hear what kind of questions you have about emerging media.  Heard of a new social channel and need to know if it will reach your audience? Need help determining success metrics for your upcoming digital projects? Please join the conversation and if you require one-on-one consultation for your digital projects, ping me.

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