Help People find your Mobile App

sunLet’s say you spent the money to develop the best, most awesome mobile app ever to teach people about, oh, I don’t know… the weather. But no one is downloading the app. How? Why?

Before dropping some money on a digital media campaign, have you considered:

The App Category

You may feel your ebook app features educational content because it teaches readers about thunderstorms and where snow comes from… but will potential customers be looking under educational or under… books?

Think about how your users will want to find your app.

Your Description

Based on the idea of helping your users find your app, consider keywords and key phrases they would use to look for a weather ebook and use them as part of your app description. If you’ve managed to get any reviews on your app, be sure to include snippets to help users decide.

The Image

Does the picture used to demonstrate your weather ebook app really show what the app’s all about? Is it a compelling image? Is it misleading?

Your Cost

Have you charged a reasonable amount for your app? Have you done any promotional sales to help draw new users who were on the fence?

Your Competition

Doing a competitive analysis of apps that are similar to yours (and those most popular ebooks) can give you tips and tricks on how to write your description, what keywords to use and where to get your new customers. Don’t automatically pull up Angry Birds and consider that as your competition, unless you’re creating an addictive mini game. Use other books in the category, consider similar topics, themes and features for your competitive analysis.

Try these steps before spending money on your digital ad campaign to give your app the best chance in an overcrowded market, or email us. We can help expand this strategy to ensure all your bases are covered.