When Bad Mobile Strategy Happens to Silly People

The City of Toronto announced an app today to help citizens reach its “311” information service, and it’s being promoted as an easy way to take a picture graffiti and send it to the government so it can be cleaned up.

The app costs $1.99.

While a portion of the money will go to support the library, you may ask yourself “why on earth would I pay $2 to download an app when I can do it for free?”


The most important thing to ask yourself with any digital endeavour is WHY. If you cannot answer the WHY, the product should not be made.

Why would someone download this app when your Apple iPhone will easily take pictures and attach them to outgoing email?

Why would someone download this app over calling Toronto’s information line: 311?

Why release this app only on iPhone?

Why would a citizen report graffiti on their iPhone when the average person who may complain is elderly and may not feel comfortable sending information via their mobile?


At least it’s not a QR code campaign.