Do You Have a Social Media Policy?

Any good social media plan starts with strategizing potential reach, branding voice and user goals on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, right?  But does your team have a social media policy?

In the States, the FTC implemented a Social Media Policy to thwart unsavoury attempts by some companies that chose to not be transparent in their social strategies (I tried to find a similar policy from the CRTC in Canada, but no luck – let me know if one exists). Working with your legal team, creating a Social Media Policy for your company could prevent a lot of issues down the road.

WOMMA, the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association  was featured in the latest issue of Chief Content Officer and its article interviewing Gary Spangler, marketing manager at Dupont. Spangler advises people to start any social media campaign with WOMMA as they offer essential elements to build an effective policy. Here is a screengrab from an article with some good tips (and be sure to click on the image to read more from the Chief Content Officer magazine – it’s a good read):

[![WOMMA Social Media Policy, Chief Content Officer Magazine, July 2011]( "From Chief Content Officer magazine, July 2011")]( on the image to read Chief Content Officer magazine, July 2011