How to Correct Social Media Errors

This is a great article from PBS’s MediaShift on how to correct mistakes on social media.

MediaShift . How to Correct Social Media Errors | PBS.

Quick overview:

– Neither Facebook or Twitter offer a suggestion on how correct a poorly written post. Pundits suggest these services, or a third party app, need to create a functionality that lets users correct errors and notify anyone who retweeted the erroneous message (great idea for budding API developers!)

– Google+ allows users to edit posts and lists the date and time of the change.

Made a mistake? Best practices include:

– capture the error with a screengrab

– acknowledge the mistake and reference the error

– send tweets and messages to let those who shared or retweeted the error

If your social media mistake is offensive to some readers, and/or potential brand damaging, read this about Kenneth Cole’s rebound, and this, about Bing’s approach.