Like Me and I'll Give You Something!

Did you ever see (in a movie or in real life) a young nerdy kid try to bribe “popular kids” for friendships by giving them things? “Oh, I heard you really like Sprite so I got you the last one from the fridge.” Remember how the cool kids would usually react? That’s right – with heart-wrenching indifference.

So why has Facebook changed all of that?

Every day, I receive requests to Like a brand or product on Facebook to get a coupon. It’s not only the fastest way for the industry to minimize the potential analytics and sincere word-of-mouth goldmine of a Facebook Like –  but it’s shocking because many of us very cool people are falling for it. It’s like we’re gladly taking a free can of pop from the annoying kid at school and not only thanking them for it, but promising to let everyone know -publicly – that we think this annoying kid is actually the coolest ever.

Seems kind of lazy to me.

Are the popular kids (us) just willing to put up anything on our profile (and our friends walls) in exchange for something free?