Google +1

“The web’s a big place: sometimes it helps to have a tour guide.”

This is the thought behind Google’s recently launched social recommendation engine, +1. If you like a link on Google, click the +1 button and your friends will know you like that site. Similar to Facebook’s “like” button? You bet – except Google’s social feature has the capacity to reach a different group of people than those on your Facebook.

The +1 button will recommend sites to people in your Gmail, Google Reader, Google buzz and other Google contact lists you identify.  It’ll benefit companies who eventually choose to add this feature on their website, as the more +1s, presumably the better your standing with Google’s rank. It’s also a nice new algorithm that helps Google searches move away from content farms that have been dominating their results lately.

If you want to try it out, visit this area on Google. And anyone in children’s media who think this might be a way for kids to become involved legally in social media… sorry. You still need to be 13 or older to be part of the Google community.