Facebook Questions

fb poll

As I write this blog post, a very simple poll question, Mac or PC, has received over 2 million (!) votes on Facebook’s new Questions app.  Thanks to this new feature, everyone on Facebook now has the option to easily post a poll – and this includes anyone with a company fan page. Yes, even you. But is it something you should use?

One of the reasons why “Mac or PC” is getting so many responses is because it’s a quick question with a quick answer – and that’s something to keep in mind if you’re deciding to venture into Questions for your business. Don’t ask long, convoluted questions because you won’t get much response. Another key: while it’s good to get a gauge on what your fans are thinking, consider your audience. Do you want to ask questions that only your fans would know, or can you adjust your verbiage to introduce new users to your fan page/brand.

Questions is a great promotional tool for your Facebook page. When a fan decides to answer your poll, their vote is posted on their wall – prompting their friends to also answer the question and perhaps, end up as a fan of your FB page. If your poll is so specific that only your fans could answer, this might be a missed opportunity to capture some new traffic. But again, it depends on what information you’ll looking to gather.

So… early stage take aways:

– Keep it short (quick question, maybe two choices tops)

– Consider keeping it generic so anyone can answer to add fans to your FB page

Love to hear any other tips – please share!