Live Chat on Convore

First, there was Quora – a site that sparked immediate interest from digital pundits for its professional spin on a simple question and answer format. It proved popular at first, particularly from the technologically-savvy bunch because it focuses on high quality answers from well respected people in their fields.


Now, there’s Convore, a site that takes the Quora concept and turns it into live chat.

Basically, you create groups formed around a topic you’d like to discuss. So, I recently set up a group called Toronto- Interactive and posed a question – whatcha working on? I can invite my friends on Twitter or Facebook to join the site and participate in a live conversation, or I can join other groups and speak to international experts in the fields of tech, user experience, etc. You can even set up private groups, so if you’re working on a project with a group of people, you can set up live chats on this site.

Group chats are nothing new, but this site is free, easy to use and so far seems to be nicely focused on the topic at hand. It’s also a great research tool and a way to chat instantly about your favourite things. This TV Discussion, for example, separates each conversation by TV show.

So far, the site is interesting because it’s small and manageable. It’s also easy to see where your social media friends are chatting, which is a great feature. Let me know what you think of this in the comments.