Memolane preserves your social media history

It’s difficult to maintain a content history of your social media activities in an online world. Memolane aims to preserve your virtual life. I just received my invitation to sign-up and so far, it’s impressive.

Memolane – Your time machine for the web from Memolane on Vimeo.

What’s great, I found, is not only the ease of use, but also the privacy options. I looped in my Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts and had an option to choose whether I wanted my timeline public to all users of Memolane, visible only to friends who’ve signed up, or completely private.

What’s also neat is it provides an actual, visual timeline of my activities and how my posts online have increased since 2007, from one post a day about 3 years ago to about 10 or so today.

The site is currently in beta, so you’ll need to sign up for an invitation. Worth it, I say.