Kickstarter - crowd sourced financing explained

Kickstarter calls itself “a fun way to fund & follow creativity,” and gained a lot of attention after TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits for the new iPod Nano pledged for $15,000 and got just under a million dollars in funding. It’s a site where artists pitch creative projects that need funding, and it’s up to the user to determine whether it’s worth of a pledge (aka, crowd-sourced funding).

Outside of crowd-sourcing, if you work professionally in a creative field (television, gaming, etc), this site may offer a unique vision into what’s being pitched, what’s piquing interest form the masses, etc.

Zippycart created an awesome infographic so I don’t have to explain a thing about how it works. Love that! (And if you’re interested in e-commerce, definitely read up on Zippycart.)

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[Via: ZippyCart – reviewing the best ecommerce software online]