Google losing its Google?

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Lately, I’ve needed to look to Google to get some information about vitamins. It’s been a frustrating experience. The first two pages of findings were uselessly filled with links to content farms. What’s the problem?

Content farms aren’t necessarily great sources of solid information. Rather, much of what they produce is inaccurate, low quality, or sometimes mirrored (aka, stolen) all to secure a high number of visitors to collect income from advertising dollars. Additionally, they pay their writers (if they hire them at all) next to nothing to create articles. Go onto any freelance writing job site, and you’ll see loads of offers to write 300 articles for $20, where the only stipulation is to rewrite preexisting articles. The journalist in me weeps…

Content farms pose a huge problem for Google as the engine is producing increasingly poor search results due to the proliferation of these content farms and their ability to “work” the system to ensure their sites appear on the first two pages.

How is this happening? Some experts believe there are serious issues in their SEO algorhythms, as is explained in this great blog post from It’s a great read as it takes personal experience with Google, and includes some great links to articles explaining this issue and why it might be the downfall of Google search if they don’t nip it in the bud soon.