Chartbeat creates analytics for writers

As a writer and an analytics nerd, this sounds awesome!

Chartbeat, an analytics/engagement tool for websites such as Gawker and The New York Times has created a new real-time analytics tool for web writers called Newsbeat where the dashboards are personalized to the writer’s articles. This means content creators and publishers will get cruical information in real-time, such as clickable content, traffic flow and social info, to help optimize and update their stories.  Some of the features include:

– knowing where the traffic is coming from to a specific piece of content

– information on what people are clicking within your article

– what articles have low social traffic and figure out where you’ve gone wrong

I hope this also shows social media content, so the writer can see what other people are saying about these articles on other sites.

For a video explanation of Newsbeat, check here. I look forward to seeing what this puppy does!

Thanks to  @ContentSummit for the tip!