What the Quora?

There’s a new bandwagon everyone is joining – it’s called Quora.com. It’s a clever and simple site where users pose questions and usually get great, insightful answers from experts in their fields.

If you’ve ever wondered if YouTube received funding prior to launch, or needed an expert opinion on the best place to vacation in 2011, this is a great place to visit. Why? In many cases, the answers I’m seeking have been provided by those who worked on the projects, and it’s interesting to see what type of questions those people I follow on Twitter are interested in or answering.

How is this different from Yahoo! Answers or Facebook Questions or Twitter? Well, someone asked that very question on Quora with some interesting answers. Most see this site as strong for its high quality responses . Have a look.

The site is getting loads of visitors in the last few days, and I haven’t seen buzz like this for a while.  Check it out and let me know what you think. Is this just another trend, or is there long standing value in this site? You can follow me on Quora at Lianne Stewart.