Online shopping and shipment

I ordered my first huge item from the sales website Beyond the Rack a few weeks ago: a really great looking table and set of chairs plus an ultra-cool black lamp for a very decent price. I’ve ordered from this website before, clothing mostly, so I felt confident this delivery would be smooth. Beyond the Rack delivers to Canada, which is a fantastic bonus, and they’ve got amazing communication. Every week, I was emailed with updates on the delivery of these items.

Three weeks after ordering, the package came on Friday (two weeks ahead of schedule!). However, we received the lamp in the wrong colour and most importantly, the table and chairs were delivered damaged. Despite the “fragile” warnings on the box, the corners were smashed in – resulting in chipped and damaged furniture. It’s not Beyond the Rack’s fault the delivery method failed, and it’s unfortunate they seemingly weren’t aware the manufacturer of said furniture decided to protect the goods with just cardboard and tape (nary a piece of padding in sight).

So, on to returning the item. With past deliveries from BTR, I’d get an invoice along with clear instructions on returns. This time, however, nothing – I looked in each box for my invoice, but nothing could be found. I emailed the company to receive a form letter, instructing me to use the Fed Ex return documents. This package, however, was delivered by UPS – which I assume is the company’s Canadian courier.

Getting this response meant I was prepared for the worst – the last thing I wanted was a hassle. But maybe I’m too cynical.

When I reply to tell them I don’t have the return documents, I receive an email the next morning with the documents for me to print out and put on all of the boxes. All I need to do is call up Fed Ex and done. Super easy!

Remember when getting a delivery meant waiting forever for the delivery person to return? Or even when you get home from a shop and notice a defect, you still have to go all the way back out to the store to make a return? While it’s annoying the packages were delivered in bad shape and without necessary paperwork, BTR turned the situation that was honestly beyond their control around and made it easy on me, the customer.* I’d still take shopping online over mall shopping any day.

*Of course, if I don’t get a refund, I’ll be spewing vitriol. Stay tuned!