To listen to social media or not... Gap Logo

Clothier GAP changed its logo this week to much hulabuloo. Companies do this all the time, but this shift created a social media firestorm, mainly from people who seriously and loudly disliked the new look.

My favourite response has to be the parodies. One from Crap Logo, where you can Gap Logo yourself. Their Twitter account boastfully says they’re going to milk this for all its worth because it’ll be a memory after this weekend. The other from Gap Logo Twitter, with the tagline: I have feelings too, jerks.

Gap’s response? While they say they still like their redesigned logo, they’re using social media to say “Oh yeah? Why don’t YOU come up with something better?” Their Facebook page calls out to the public to create a new design, which according to Fast Company’s Co Design will be used as part of the Holiday advertising campaign. Information about their crowd sourcing project will be revealed in a few days.  Fast Company also has a great article on what happens when companies crowd source their design for the better, and when it raises the ire of professional designers.

I’m personally pleased to see sans-serif, and surprised by the passion everyone put into a logo… for The Gap. Then again, this same thing happened a year ago to Tropicana.

Was The Gap correct in its response on social media? If you ran a company where everyone hated the logo, what role would you allow social media to take? Would you immediately respond and hint at changing the logo (to possibly thousands of dollars wasted) or wait for the social maelstrom to die down?

UPDATE: So, it turns out The Gap felt social media was right and they were wrong. The company ditched its plans to ask its fans to create a new logo and instead, returned to the classic, serif-font look.