TV Killer or Computer killer? Google TV

Google TV launched a website today to explain how it will work for Americans. Your television set will have a landing page, you’ll be able to access apps and website content simultaneously with your TV watching. Not to be a negative nelly, but I’m not sure how this is different than watching televison with a laptop, other than now your entire family gets to be annoyed while you keep minimizing the TV programming to look up that actress’ name and movie credits on IMDB.  I’m not clear why the personal experience of ‘surfing’ should now be an event shared with the entire family.

Sony seems to think it’ll work – they’re creating TV sets to accomodate GoogleTV’s business model- but I wonder if this attempt to bring the computer experience to the television screen is misguided because, well, the computer works already. If I’m watching a TV show and want some more information, I go onto my laptop to get it. Mobile phones, iPads and other tablet devices make this task even easier.

What am I missing? Are you excited by Google TV?