Sony, Electronic Arts, DRM backlash and DECE?

DRM backlash has been happening for years. It prompted some music distributors to shed the DRM restrictions off their music on iTunes. But it continues to cause issues and frustration for consumers. Many feel they are buying the movies, music and TV episodes, but their devices actually own it.

The latest snafu is with Sony.  In short, a fella deleted some movies off of his hard drive to make some room, but he then he couldn’t reload the content he purchased.

DRM backlash hit the new Electronic Arts game Spore, where users gave the high profile game only one star on Amazon. EA loosened its rules.

Could a solution be on the way? Major producers (except for Disney and Apple) seem to be interested to create a system that allows downloadable content on any device called DECE (Digitial Electronic Control Ecosystem). Details will be available in January but will likely employ cloud computing ideas.

As long as I can download my stuff to my iPod, Shuffle and (upcoming) iTouch without trouble, I’ll be happy.