educational versus "real" games

I currently work in the educational gaming world for kids. I like to argue that all games are educational, but there’s this little ‘curriculum’ issue. We’re sometimes told to create “math” games or “literacy” games… but how can you make learning fun?

This argument  makes a lot of sense. It says there’s this great divide between educational games and ‘fun’ games and this can be solved easily through more thoughtful development. It totally makes sense to me. People want to learn things they’re interested in – not things that are rammed down their throat. Video games can act as a conduit to that information. 

I’d like to think I’m trying this angle with the games I help write with my coworkers. For example, whenever I use a phrase such as Firewall or Verbosity, it’s sometimes suggested to me that “kids don’t know that term.” I’ve always believed that those kids who want to learn what that means will ask an adult or look it up themselves. Those who aren’t interested won’t absorb the content anyway.

Are there any educational games out there that are more about the fun? Let me know!