Documentary filmmakers and rich Family Guy guy

I used to write for realscreen magazine, and often spoke with documentary producers who wished there was more funding to support their craft. Reelchanges might help. Documentary fans or organizations can watch clips and donate tax-deductable funds to the production. Brilliant, especially as there’s a personal connection with documentary watching.

And a guy who has, well, too much money is about to get a lot more richer. Seth McFarlane’s latest effort is an online gamble. Cavalcade, which from the teaser looks like the Family Guy clips that were too blue to use on traditional TV, will debut on September 10. 

Why is this an online gamble? It’s the first time Google AdSense will use its embedded ad service to promote the series. It’s a case of going to where the people are online, rather than the relying on the exploratory nature of the net. Reports are that instead of a static ad, a video from the series will appear, with clickthroughs to the video. It’ll also be up on YouTubes sponsored by Burger King. McFarlane is also said to be receiving a cut of the ad revenue. This deal was struck with Media Rights Capital.

We’ll see if it works! Given McFarlane’s level of fandom, it probably will attract viewers and money. Could this work with unknown producers or docs?