NBC olympic failure? and Britney can't sing (shock)

There are reports NBC didn’t make massive amounts of coin for its online Olympics coverage…. estimates are at about $5million - a whole lot less than the $1billion it reportedly made off of its traditional TV coverage. But is making $5 million online a failure? Really? Given NBC’s relatively non-user friendly approach (such as only offering its online video content by downloading a Microsoft product and, as Wall Street Journal noted, the user’s inability to share favourite videos) this amount might be quite impressive.

The games are over for another two years and Vancouver’s winter games will probably be the real test for online ad revenue for NBC, especially if it learns to open up its video player to social apps and more common video players. Yet I guess that’s what happens when you partner with Microsoft – exclusive vp rights.

The only thing I was tempted to watch online was the closing ceremonies – in particular, the bad lip-synching and weird dance moves.

Speaking of bad lip-synching and weird dance moves, check out this video of what Britney Spears’ microphone really picked up during her concerts.

I know it’s a jump in logic, but it’s something I had to share.