Google's Android

Google in the midst of creating a mobile phone device. I know! We just got used to the iPhone craziness. Rumour has it the first device with this software (called Android) will launch will happen in the States sometime in November. The phone is built by HTC and will include Google software and lots of other features.  

Web Monkey studies the six reasons why the iPhone will deliver where Android won’t.

There’s also some talk that it’s more than just a mobile device and might reach TV sets. The iPhone already acts as a universal remote for the Apple products, so this isn’t too big of a surprise.

This is pretty big because it’s Google, a company that offers free usage on products that have traditionally gone with a paid-for model. For example, they have a free-to-use documents path that leads users to services that work just like Word and Excel. Its Analytics service is used by many companies (and me!) as a free way to monitor website usage. Did I mention all this is free? Perhaps this phone is another device that may, or may not, shift how business is done.

Bring this up next time someone asks you why you don’t have an iPhone yet.