Social media moments that count for marketers

This post from Julian Cole on Adspace Pioneers in Social Media marketing is interesting. He lists the top 12 moments that help define some of social media moments for advertising. It’s a clever look back at how social media has grown in just three years. It has gone from a niche service for the computer savvy to everyone on the planet, then slowly back to niche.

Organic’s Three Minds outlines whether niche social networks will attract marketing dollars as corporate media focuses its attention on the idea of spreading the word online.

I just wonder if the marketers will get it right in the niche world. If they don’t speak the language, or end up insulting those in the group, it can backfire. Also, some marketers are using social media all wrong. As ReadWriteWeb pointed out,  why is there a site for those who want to talk about cat litter? 

It would be OK if the litter site turned into a place where users could mock the ability to comment on kitty litter. But I guess that would put the delicate brand into the hands of the masses. It happened at when its users could describe their experiences with every product available, including groceries… and Uranium Ore. One favourite: “This Uranium Ore facial scrub has given my skin a beautiful glow!”  Also read about Land Tanks “… it also has plenty of room for groceries.”

Sadly, Amazon took down the over 1,000 reviews for milk.

Let me know if you’ve seen other ridiculous social media sites.