I'm gonna be a i-Tunes star!

I’m slightly addicted to podcasts. They’re a great thing to listen to while you’re on the way to work. But be careful with the funnier ones such as The Bugle from the Times Online, because you’ll laugh out loud on a quiet subway train. Not… that… I’ve.. ever.. done… that..

Podcasts are a great way for independent folks to get their product out there. I wouldn’t have known about the Pilates on Fifth video podcasts I can do from my living room, or the stories about everyday Americans doing extraordinary things in This American Life (I’m Canadian, so public radio is CBC), or speaking of radio, the latest in indie music from Canada CBC Radio 3. Most importantly for the user, it’s free.

But what about content creators looking to monetize their online video? Head over to the iTunes movies and television offerings and it’s mainly well-known broadcasters and distributors promoting their stuff. Unless you’ve got a distributor, you’re out of luck, right? A blogger at Cinema Tech released some info on how to get your indie onto iTunes, but that begs the question: if an iTunes user had the option of watching an unknown film from an unknown creator and a known film, what would they pay for to watch? 

Does it make more sense for the indie artist to work for free on a podcast while the established distributor and producer makes money on the iTunes shop?