Jogli music

There’s a new music site called Jogli that boasts over 12 million albums and 500 million songs. And it’s all packaged into an easy-to-navigate site

Don’t judge me, but the first thing I looked up when I came across the site was Duran Duran. Maybe I’m nostalgic, or maybe I wanted to age myself. But after searching and finding a link to their not-so-popular New Moon on Monday song (and realizing I hadn’t seen or even thought of searching for that video since I was 12), I watched it.  What a horrible video. But what a good service to see it on.

When Jogli launched the video, it started up (courtesy of You Tube) with additional information such as lyrics (wow! even the lyrics are bad on New Moon on Monday – and yet I still love it) and the song’s album information. 

I won’t touch the copyright implications, although I’m sure this will work as an easy tool for future lawsuits against You Tube. This site is pretty cool, though, and it’s all still in beta.