watch these videos

Shut your office door. Pretend you’re on a conference call or something. Or if you don’t have an office, get a wifi-enabled laptop and sneak into the stock room. Why? Because these videos are important.

The first is an interview with Ze Frank. I’ve mentioned him before. He managed to turn a small experiment into a worldwide phenomenon all by giving power to his audience. He explains it way better. This is amusing and enlightening. 

Next, snoop around the online video player for Ted – Technology, Education and Design. It’s an amazing collection of lectures – and there are great snippets of what’s next in technology.

Kevin Kelly, says the web is less than 5,000 days old and everyone thought it would be “TV, but better.” But it’s so much more, and he looks at the next 5,000 days.

Don’t understand the long tail that everyone keeps talking about? Watch Chris Anderson break it down. Want to know why is a mobile phone an important tool for humanity?   

Sure beats Dancing with the Stars.*

*Please note I have never seen Dancing with the Stars