Beijing Summer Games Online

Television execs must be biting their fingernails over this one. With the 12 hour time difference between Beijing and the eastern coast of North America, plus the now instantaneous submission of user news generated via sites such as Twitter an Facebook (and there’s already a leak of the opening ceremonies that appeared online this week), nets with broadcast rights for the summer games (which I cannot call Ol_mpics because of silly trademark rules) are heading online to grasp the audience.

NBC has a schedule up on its site for online services. It’s not just for televisions. NBC announced its Olympics 2 Go for mobile phones. 

CBC’s online plans? Unsure from its summer games webpage if there are plans to simulcast the footage. But they have numerous blogs, video content and a user-generated activity asking people to upload their own cheer for the Canadian audiences.

YouTube even has its own Summer Games Channel a geo-blocked video service that goes live on Wednesday.

What will be interesting to note is the old fashioned TV ratings. Will less people watch on TV in favour of the smaller screen? Will people actually watch the smaller screen for the instant news and then later the larger for the fancy, HD footage?