Measuring Social Media's ROI and "SFORIÅYRREDDYNNGPLESJUR"

Some work-related… and not work-related fun:

The phrase we hear more than anything when it comes to the web is “how do we monetize this?” Well, if you’re starting up some social media on your site, or you’re about to, Mashable offers up some interesting tips and a suggestion to read a blog by KD Paine.

If ROI measurement isn’t your thing, maybe you’ve always wanted to know what your name would be if it were a piece of IKEA furniture. How’s that for a natural jump in logic! For Your Reading Pleasure translates into FJÅRD YOUR REDDING PLESJUR. Foryourreadingpleasure is:  SFORIÅYRREDDYNNGPLESJUR.

Speaking of funny names, my pal once typed in her name, Jayne, and it spell checked “Do you mean Kanye?” Read her stuff for some really funny observations on life. And any comments to her should be address as Kanye, for kicks.

No. Seriously. She will probably try to kick me if you do that.

And yes… she did push For Your Reading Pleasure on her site too, but that’s what teh interwebs (sic) is all about!