Cuil - another search engine

Two fellas formerly from Google launched a new search engine last night called Cuil. Pronounced “cool,” I wonder if it will become a verb as Google has. Somehow the phrase, “let me Cuil this” just isn’t as catchy.

While it is getting some negative reviews out of the gate, it does have a more visually appealing layout in two or three columns for its search findings. Although I’m not quite sure how the data is categorized. Since everyone Googles their own names, I thought I’d Cuiled (yeah, it doesn’t fit yet) mine. The first page of findings weren’t really as relevant as its competitor search engines. And looking up this site’s web guru wielded his blog about 10 or so entries after matching up his name with various social apps.

Well, it’s still early days. I’d like to hear what other people think.