Monsters, bigger pictures and short-form video

It’s time for some links to help pass the day as you wait for the weekend to begin. Remember: when you’re reviewing this stuff, you’re still working because it’s all in the name of research.

Create a monster with Spore. This is the precursor to an EA game that’s expected to arrive shortly. The “create a spore” has been out for a while, but geez it’s fun and impressive. My monster’s name is Not-Lianimal and I’ve watched her dance, ask scared and even bite (bad monster).

Have a Flickr account? Now you can see your images full-screen without losing any resolution thanks to new site: BlowUp

And now there’s a Twitter for those who don’t write well. 12 Second TV records, well, 12 second videos. This might be a good way to practice your pitches. If you can’t encompass your idea in 12 seconds, you’re out! As the site says: “Why 12seconds?  Because anything longer is boring.” 

The service is still in private alpha, so you’ll need an invite to join for now. The creators have listed ways to get in on the alpha test.