Media Player... only in America you say

Adobe Media Player just announced a deal with Sony, allowing those who download the player to watch full movies such as Ghostbusters and complete TV shows such as 90210. OK- it’s not all retro programming. There’s CBS programming, Food Network stuff and Daily Show with Jon Stewart. That’s a little exciting. Everything is ad supported, and that’s just fine by me if it keeps the cost to me at $0. What might be better is an option to pay for the programming to ensure no ads, but perhaps that will come.

No, wait. What might be better is if I was able to watch the programming view the television programming I selected in the player. Wanting to see a clip of the Daily Show, I watched an AT&T commercial and then received a message “this video is not available in your country.” (add: I can watch movies effortlessly, it seems – Hello Ghostbusters.

Coming from the business side, I know the digital rights issues are complicated for Canadians, but speaking from the consumer side, this is getting annoying. Our neighbours to the south are getting loads of opportunities to watch programming watch television programming on various screens, and while things are improving (in that I can pay for series on iTunes), it’s not fast enough. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Even when things are available in this country, consumers sometimes still feel cheated. Read the comments on iTunes for Daily Show. It is now available in Canada. Yet the pricing structure is not the same as in the States. Subscribers in America can pay a flat rate for a season ($9.99 for 16 eps), Canadians aren’t offered a pass and pay $32 to watch the same stuff. All of the comments are begging for the same pricing structure.

What’s the solution? Is it too late? Will Canada keep playing catch up? Love to hear theories…

(speaking of iTunes, Dr. Horrible’s three episodes are the top three video purchased downloads in Canada, even when the series was free on the site for a limited time – next step? DVD.)