Google code, Amazon VOD and female gamers

Short tidbits…

Amazon launched a VOD service last week, Amazon Unbox. It streams over 40,000 television and movie titles, but only for US subscribers. Sigh. 

Does this mean TV and film fans will leave their cable companies en masse to download programming on Amazon? Maybe – but there’s a lot of speculation these same cablecos will stop this in its tracks with tiered broadband.  We don’t even have this service yet in Canada and we might not soon, not only because of convoluted digital TV rights, but throttled broadband is already happening in this country

Onto cooler news, Radiohead filmed a new video for their House of Cards song without cameras, partnering with Google Code. It’s really coooool (full disclosure, I’m a Radiohead nerd).

Finally, today I watched a woman who is technically a senior (by age only) seriously get into a game of Wii tennis. She’s part of a growing trend: Female gamers are making a mark… 40% of all gamers in the U.S. are ladies, and of that, 26% are over the age of 50.  Is that only via the casual gaming market?

All I know is I’m playing as a team in Resident Evil, and I’d play better if my hand didn’t hurt from gripping the controller so tightly when I’m blasting away zombies. I don’t have that problem with casual games. I’m such a girl.