Viacom might want to know who you are

Google to hand over private user data to Viacom happened while I was away. Does it have serious privacy issues, or is this any different than Google having my name, email address and other personally identifiable information?

If YouTube were to immediately shut down all videos that infringed copyright, would it still remain a success? More importantly, will Viacom just launch its Comedy Central channel on YouTube already so that I can enjoy delightful Daily Show clips after this lawsuit is over?

While Google is busy working on its appeal, the internet blogs are a-buzz with speculation on what this will all mean if the data does go to Viacom. Most internet-folk believe the lawsuit has everything to do with old media not wanting to accept the digital media model. Some think Viacom will use this information to individually sue users like the music industry did a few years ago (a claim the company has denied). 

Not sure what to make of it? ZDNet has created a great Q and A.

Got more questions? Ask me and I’ll try to find an answer.