RSS feeds - the good, the bad and the overwhelming

I went to NYC for 5 days – I just got back using Porter Airlines (managing to land at 12:30 and be home by 1:00) and I’ve returned to over 1000 newsfeed items. Over a thousand!

RSS feeds are a fantastic way to organize the way you read a website. Why is this important? The stuff you read in a blog and on a news site is conveniently categorized for easy reading. Just spend 15 minutes a week to go through your subscriptions. Basically, it’s a pared down version of the things you only want to read, while handily avoiding messy website layouts with birds sitting on branches at the top of the page (hey!) or other things that distract you from the content.

I use Google Reader, which is handy if you have a gmail account, but there are countless other services to help make your life easier. I prefer Google if only because my homepage opens up to the iGoogle, which shows my new emails, new feeds to read, the weather, and other bits of information I want immediately. 

It is something you have to maintain, but there’s this handy “Mark all as Read” button if you just can’t be bothered to go through the posts. 

If you’re interested in trying out the RSS experience, subscribe to mine! If you’re using Google Reader, just enter and subscribe. The service will also send you suggestions to other sites you might be interested to follow. Alternatively, just hit the RSS icon in the address bar. 

Have an interesting feed I should know about? Send it my way!