The Muppets show pitch to CBS

Discovered a gem today – someone on YouTube posted the original Muppets show pitch to CBS. In just over two-and-a-half minutes, Jim Henson produced one of the »

Shifting social TV for those without Cable

In Cannes recently, a number of top execs gathered to learn everything there is to know about social television – the act of adding the social networking »

Social Media and Research for the TV exec

Shaw Canada recently signed a deal for Get Glue in Canada to check-in to Canadian shows such as Top Chef Canada and Real Housewives of Vancouver. »

Building an app for your TV Show

This one-hour video highlights how some television companies sync their TV content with apps downloaded on a mobile. If you don’t have time to watch »

Apple TV (iTV) may not be a game changer

This post from @kevinrose (founder of ) suggests television will never be the same after Apple launches its rumoured $99 set-top box. From a consumer »

Media Player... only in America you say

Adobe Media Player just announced a deal with Sony, allowing those who download the player to watch full movies such as Ghostbusters and complete TV shows »

Why television execs can never ask "where do people find the time?"

The short speech by *Here Comes Everybody *author Clay Shirky from the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco is brilliant. Why? It explains the shift »