Apple TV (iTV) may not be a game changer

This post from @kevinrose (founder of ) suggests television will never be the same after Apple launches its rumoured $99 set-top box. From a consumer »

My iPhone is not a phone

Each month, I spent 2 minutes tops using the iPhone to speak to other people. The other 43, 220 minutes I spend using my iPhone as: »

Beijing Summer Games Online

Television execs must be biting their fingernails over this one. With the 12 hour time difference between Beijing and the eastern coast of North America, plus »

Fallon to debut Late Night online

Lorne Michaels has decided to give Jimmy Fallon’s debut as the new Late Night talk show a testing ground – online.  Even though he won’t »

Why television execs can never ask "where do people find the time?"

The short speech by *Here Comes Everybody *author Clay Shirky from the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco is brilliant. Why? It explains the shift »