Paying for TV shows vs. Streaming for Free

I love my 30 Rock: so much that I chose, for the second year in a row, to purchase iTunes’ Season Pass for the show since »

Why the Computer-Savvy at Work are so Frustrated

Does your boss enter into the Google search bar instead of the browser’s address bar? Does reading that sentence remind you how »

Kickstarter - crowd sourced financing explained

Kickstarter calls itself “a fun way to fund & follow creativity,” and gained a lot of attention after TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits for the new »

Online Advertising Conversations vs Real Life

This site is awesome for anyone who works in the online world with advertisers. »

Gasp - most online comments are negative

Using the BBC news boards as bait, a group of researchers have confirmed what we suspected all along – online comments generally come from a bad, bad »

Group Messaging Apps Explained

A friend of mine just got an iPhone and was frustrated by an app she got that promised free texting – mainly because none of her friends »

Netflix Canada to a cable cutter - yes please

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have cable anymore. As someone who LOVES television, this was an adjustment in how to spend my spare time. »

Why is Groupon Successful?

As discovered on Mashable, here is a great infographic that explains “The Amazing Rise of Groupon.” (Click on the image for a larger version) »

Google losing its Google?

Lately, I’ve needed to look to Google to get some information about vitamins. It’s been a frustrating experience. The first two pages of findings »

Chartbeat creates analytics for writers

As a writer and an analytics nerd, this sounds awesome! Chartbeat, an analytics/engagement tool for websites such as Gawker and The New York Times has »